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Why use MercerVIP

MercerVIP is the primary research and RFP tool for the Mercer consultant community to learn about the US health point solution landscape. Having a profile on MercerVIP provides an avenue for vendors to showcase their company and solutions directly to the Mercer consultant community. Please note, there is no cost to participate in MercerVIP. There are optional MercerVIP Premium Services that vendors can purchase.


MercerVIP is a vendor information platform that brings health and benefits vendors and Mercer health and benefits consultants together in one place. In MercerVIP, vendors have control and ownership over their company and product/solution pages to ensure Mercer consultants have access to the latest and greatest information.  The platform stores answers to Mercer-defined questions, and attachments like your latest sales decks. MercerVIP has RFP/RFI capabilities within the platform to streamline administration processes.  There is also the option to procure data and analytics to provide visibility into how different products/solutions are performing on the platform, and where products/solutions are getting the most interest.

How to Register 

To Register, simply Contact Us and include your name and email. An invite will be sent to you with instructions. You will have an opportunity to accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy prior to registering for MercerVIP. It is important that an authorized representative of your company accepts these terms and registers for MercerVIP. After registration, more users can be added to manage the user pages.

Please take notice: any company who wishes to register as a vendor on MercerVIP must agree to and comply with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that are contained on this website, and linked during registration.  Clicking the “Accept” button in MercerVIP is deemed vendor’s signature to be bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  Vendor should carefully read all terms and conditions and consult with legal counsel before clicking the “Accept” button and completing their MercerVIP registration. By clicking “Accept,” vendor (a) accepts the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and agrees that vendor is legally bound by its terms; and (b) represents and warrants that vendor has the right, power and authority to enter into the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and bind vendor to its terms.  If vendor does not agree to all MercerVIP related terms contained in this website, and linked to the registration, vendor should not click “Accept” and should not proceed to the registration page.

Training Videos

Vendor Registration and Login

How to register and login to the MercerVIP platform

MercerVIP Vendor Dashboard and Navigation Overview

After registering, learn how to utilize your dashboard and navigate the platform

MercerVIP Profile and Product Creation

How to create and edit your profile and products

MercerVIP User Management

How to add/remove colleagues and change permission levels

MercerVIP Vendor RFP Management

How to navigate and manage RFPs

Document Library

These documents will help you learn more about MercerVIP. The terms and conditions that you need to agree to register are also available below for your review and to print at any time.

*You will have the opportunity to accept these terms and conditions in MercerVIP when you´re creating your company & solution pages. Acceptance of these terms is required for participation in MercerVIP.

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